SCHIEDSRICHTERREGISTRIERUNG für Göteborg Basketball Festival 2024

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Please read through the agreement below, and accept it. This is required to be able to carry on with your registration.

Age: You must be 16 years of age.
Classification: You must be an authorized and approved judge.
Status: You must have passed the established requirements regarding running tests and regulatory tests for 2023.
Experience: You should have a few years of experience refereeing basketball. If you are a beginner judge, you will receive a special invitation so that you also have the opportunity to participate.
Referee meeting: You must attend one of Göteborg Basketball Festival's mandatory referee meetings. More info will come later.
General information
Göteborg Basketball Festival is a broad tournament for club teams. During Göteborg Basketball Festival 2023, 1846 games were conducted in total, including all from Easy Basket, youth class, as well as the 20+ and 40+ classes.
All selected referees will referee Göteborg Basketball Festival mostly Thursday to Saturday. Saturday and Sunday, the number of matches is limited due to finals.
It is your own responsibility to ensure that we have received correct bank and contact information provided to those designated within the organization.

Bestätigung zur vertraulichen Behandlung Ihrer Daten

Wenn für den Turnierablauf erforderlich, darf die Turnierleitung meinen Namen veröffentlichen, beispielsweise zwecks Kontakt bei der Schiedsrichterauswahl oder in der Spielübersicht des Turnierspielplan

Nachdem Sie Ihre Registrierung abgeschickt haben, können Sie Ihre Verfügbarkeit eingeben.