Easy Basket rules

In the age categories U11 and U12 we play Easy Basketball. Easy Basketball is played om lower baskets where the rimb is 2,6 meters above the floor. Easy Basketball is played with ball size 5. 

Playing time and substitutes 
  • The games are played 4 on 4 in full-court 
  • The playing time is 6 periods x 5 minutes running time 
  • If its a tie – Sudden Death” will come into affect, start with jump ball and the first score wins (not Foul-score). This rule is not valied for EB-U11 series. 
  • The break between periods will be 1 minute. 
  • No time outs are allowed. 
  • Substitutions are only allowed between periods or when a player is injured. 
  • Every player must play at least 2 periods. 
  • If a team does not have enough players, they may play more than 4 periods/per player.
  • The game starts with a jump ball. After that the rule of alternating possession is in hand. 
  • U11 – Players are NOT allowed to take the ball from another player if the player is holding the ball with both hands. 
  • U12 – Players are allowed to take the ball from another player if the player is holding the ball with both hands. 
  • Backcourt violation will not be applied. 
  • Three-second rule applies at the discretion of the referees. 
  • Zone press or other combined defense is not allowed. In these series only man-man defense is allowed. 
  • A score is 2 points. No 3-pointers are registered. 
  • There are no personal fouls, a foul will be assessed as a team-foul, not a personal foul, a player cannot foul-out. 
  • Technical foul results in 1 point and possession goes to the opposite team, starting from the middle of the court. 
  • In Easy Basketball there are no free throws 
  • A shooting foul results in 1 point and continued possesion for the team who got fouled. 
  • A shooting-foul when the shoot is made, results in 2 points + 1 point for the foul and the defending team gets possession 
  • In the EB-U12 series, when tie-results, the game continue until next goal (sudden death) – not including foul-goals. 
  • In the EB-U11 series, no points are counted therefore we can not play overtime. No results will be displayed. 

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