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Canteens for breakfast lunch and dinner – Hvitfeldska Norra and Burgården gymnasium
Please note – at lunch and dinner, we are NOT serving pork, shell fish or nuts in any of our dishes

If you’re staying at one of the following schools, you eat breakfast at your school and lunch and dinner at Hvitfeldtska and Burgården gymnasium.

  • Frolunda school
  • Karl-Johan school
  • Nya Lunden
  • Rosendal
  • Gamlestadskolan


Thursday, Friday, Saturday
BREAKFAST- 07.00-09.30 (07.00–10.00 Hvitfeldtska Norra)
LUNCH – 10.30-15.30
DINNER – 16.30- 21.00

BREAKFAST- 07.00-10.30

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