Please note that more information regarding transfer will be announced further on.

Check-In is at the tournament office at Valhalla Sporthall, Valhallagatan 3, Gothenburg.

Transfer from Gothenburg train station to Valhalla tournament office Wednesday May 20th from 16:30.
At 16.30, the loop-bus starts running from from Nils Ericssons terminal Gate no. TBA (the bus terminal) to Valhalla Tournament office. The loop-bus runs regulary from the bus-terminal to Valhalla Sporthall, note that there is no timetable, the bus departs at regular intervals between 16:30 – 23:00, Wednesday afternoon/evening.

Transfer from Valhalla tournament office to school lodgings
At 18.30, the loop-bus starts to run to the accommodation schools. The bus departs regularly from Valhalla Sporthall and Central Station.

Transfer from Landvetter Airport
Transfer from the Airport is only available when booked through your registration. On your registration make a note when you arrive and how many people you are – no later than May 1st. The transfer is only for players and coaches buying participation cards.
A transfer is available on Wednesday 20th of May between 12.00 and 23.00. You have to be a minimum of 10 players to be able to book transfer from Landvetter Airport. We will confirm transfer from the airport with at mail to your club.

IMPORTANT – the Basketball Festival do not arrange transfer on Sunday to the airport. You will find information about the Airport bus on the following web-site:

The check-in will be open between 15:00-23:00

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