Easy Basket
The Gothenburg Basketball Festival is a grassroots tournament and welcomes all club teams at all levels. For the age groups U11 and U12, we play with Easy Basket rules:

Game Time
 • The game consists of 6 periods of 5 minutes each - running time.
• No time-outs are allowed.
• There is a 1-minute break between each period.

• The matches are played 4 vs. 4 on a full court.
• Player substitutions are only allowed during period breaks or in case of injury.
• All players must play at least 2 periods.
• If a player is substituted due to another player's injury, that period counts as played.
• Players can play a maximum of 4 periods in one game.
• During the last 2 periods, the player who has played the fewest periods must be substituted in case of injury.
• If a team doesn't have enough players, players can play more than 4 periods in the same game.
• Incorrect substitutions result in a technical foul on the coach.

Ball Size/Rim Height/Team Jerseys
• Easy Basket is played on low hoops where the upper edge of the ring is at 2.6 meters above the floor.
• Easy Basket is played with ball size 5.
• The team mentioned first in the schedule, Team A, should play in light jerseys.
• The team mentioned last in the schedule, Team B, should play in dark jerseys. If the teams agree, they can switch jersey colors.

Match Rules
• The game begins with a jump ball, then "alternating possession" applies, which means that the teams get sideline throw-ins alternately at each jump ball occurrence.
• U11 players are not allowed to take the ball from anyone holding the ball with both hands.
• U12 players are allowed to take the ball from another player. • The rules about backcourt violations do not apply.
• The 3-second rule is applied with discretion.
• The referee enforces the shot clock (24/14) if a team deliberately delays the game or if the ball does not touch the ring within a "reasonable time."

• A field goal scores 2 points; no 3-pointers are recorded.
• Easy Basket does not award free throws.

• Personal fouls are recorded, but a player cannot foul out.
• After a team foul (5th foul), the fouled team is awarded 1 point and possession of the ball on the sideline.
• A foul during a shot attempt results in 1 point and an inbound pass for the fouled team.
• A foul during a successful shot attempt results in 2 points and an inbound pass for the offensive team.
• Technical fouls result in 1 point and an inbound pass for the offensive team at midcourt.

• Zone press, zone defense, or any other combination defense is prohibited. In these series, only man-to-man defense is allowed.

• In the U11 series, no points are counted; hence, overtime cannot occur.
• In the case of a tie, overtime is applied until the first basket is scored (field goal, not a free throw). This does not apply to the U11 series. In overtime, there are  jump ball.

Competition Regulations were updated 2023-10-12

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