In the U11 and U12 age groups, we play Easy Basket and the following rules apply: 

Game time

  • Game time is 6 periods x 5 minutes – running time. 

  • No time-outs are allowed.

  • The break between each period is 1 minute.


  • The matches are played 4 against 4 on the full pitch.

  • Player substitutions may only take place during period breaks or in case of injury.

  • All players must play at least 2 periods. 

  • If a player is substituted due to another player being injured, that period counts as a played period.

  • Players may play a maximum of 4 periods in a match.

  • During the last 2 periods, the player who played the least number of periods must be substituted in case of injury. 

  • If a team does not have enough players, the players may play more than 4 periods in the same match. 

  • Incorrect substitutions mean a technical foul on the coach.

Ball size/Basket height/Match kits

  • Easy Basket is played on low baskets where the top edge of the ring must be 2.6 meters above the floor. Easy Basket is played with ball size 5. 

  • The team named first in the schedule, Team A, shall play in light-colored jerseys. The team named last in the schedule, Team B, shall play in dark jerseys. If the teams agree on it, they can change the colors of the jerseys. 

Match rules

  • The match starts with a throw-in, then "alternating ball possession" applies, i.e. the teams get a throw-in from the side every second throw-in. 

  • U11 - players may not take the ball from someone holding the ball with both hands. 

  • U12 - it is allowed for players to take the ball from another player. 

  • The reverse play rules do not apply. 

  • The 3-second rule is applied with discretion. 

  • The referee applies the shot clock (24/14) if a team deliberately delays the game or if the ball does not touch the ring within a "reasonable time".


  • A game goal scores 2 points, no 3-pointers are recorded. 

  • No free throws are awarded in Easy Basket. 


  • Personal fouls are registered but a player cannot be fouled.

  •   In the event of a team foul (5 fouls), the team that has been fouled receives 1 point and the ball on the sideline.   

  • A foul on a shot attempt results in 1 point and a throw-in for the team that was fouled. 

  • Foul on field goal attempt that goes in the basket results in 2 points + 1 point for foul and throw-in defending team.

  • Technical foul results in 1 point and throw-in for the attacking team at midfield. 


  • Zone pressure, zone defense or other combination defense are prohibited. In these series, only man-on-man defense is allowed. 


  • In the U11 series, no points are counted, thus extra time cannot occur. 

  • In the event of a tie, overtime is applied until the first point is scored (game goal - not foul goal). Not valid in the U11 series. in overtime, throw-up is not applied, instead the direction of the arrow is followed.