Gothenburg Basketball Festival offer accomodation in the greater area of Gothenburg municipal. You need to bring your equipment suited for staying at a lecture hall. For everyones comfort and safety, please read our instructions below.

At every school you will find lodging hosts and they will you help you when you arrive at the school. Every team has to have an adult (mimium 20 years old) that stays and sleeps with the team in the school. Although, there are lodging hosts, who are staying at the school all four days and nights, they are not responsible for the teams sleeping in the schools.  The team leader (the adult) is responsible for their players' and teams at school at all times.

Teams from the same club live together, girls and boys may be mixed. Participants need to bring sleeping bags and something to sleep on (max width 90 cm).


  • Make sure to make contact with the lodging host for check-in with digital Cup-Pass for your team
  • It is forbidden to smoke inside the school.
  • It is forbidden to consume and/or have alcoholic beverages on school property. Participants who are found intoxicated or/and with alcoholic beverages in their possession will be dismissed from the tournament and the team departs promptly home.
  • All cooking of food is prohibited in classrooms and corridors.
  • In each school there is an automatic fire alarm that is directly linked to the emergency service. False alarms are paid by those who triggered the alarm
  • Each leader is responsible for his team / club and is responsible for possible damages arising in and on the premises.
  • If any damages or delays occur that will being costs to the organizer, the club of the team will be charged of the whole amount by invoice + administration fee, 150 sek.
  • It is forbidden to bounce the balls inside the accommodation schools


  • Do not leave valuables in the locker room or in accommodation space. Gothenburg Basketballfestival is not responsible for lost valuables.

Schools Opening hours

  • The school will lock at 00:00. Every morning the school opens at 06:30. All shall be quiet at 23:00 in the school lodgings. Think of your basketball friends who want to sleep.
  • Each team/club cleans their accommodation before departure and restores the classroom in the condition it was when you arrived. Before departure the lodging host must approve of the cleaning. The premises must be vacated no later than 11:00 am on Sunday.


  • The Team Leader must ensure that all participants are insured both on and off the court. Gothenburg Basketball Festival does not have any insurance that cover, injury, illness, theft or vandalism for its participants. Gothenburg Basketball Festival is not repayable for loss or damage that may occur.

We reserve the right to move teams from one school to another school at check-in.