15 oktober  – First day to register. Your registration is finalised when payment is done

December  31th– Last day of possible refund if cancellation is made

February 18th - Register Cup-Pass due to changed production conditions

14 mars – Last day to enter registration FULLY BOOKED!

21 mars 
Last day of registration of time of arrival, team, team-relations and dispensation (-s) , food allegies
Make final payment of Cup-Pass A, Cup-Pass B

19 april –  Publication of competition-schedule 

23 april – Link to digital check-in is sent out 

2 maj –  Digital check-in starts

8 maj – Day of arrival at accomodation

9 maj – Qualification begins

10 maj –  Qualification ends

11 maj – A- and B-play offs and EB finals

12 maj – A- finals, check-out and departure! 
                 Last A-final game is done by 17.00.  

All teams are responsible for filling in information and keeping to the time limits themselves.