In 2023, Göteborg Basketball Festival started to develop our event and look at how we could contribute for a sustainable future. The Göteborg Basketball Festival wants to work actively with sustainability work within the social, economic and ecological fields to reach the goals of Agenda 2030 as an event. We want to contribute in developing Göteborg Basketball Festival into a more sustainable event in these areas for each  year. No one can do everything, but together we can all contribute - step by step.


  • Meals – We work actively with Göteborg Basketball Festival's food handling. In everything from orders to portion packs to contribute minimal food waste during the tournament. 
  • During Göteborg Basketball Festival we offer all participants to buy our developed Cup-Pass. The Cup-Pass includes transport with Västtrafik and we encourage all teams who live centrally and within walking distance to canteens and halls to walk.
  • We review our halls continuously to optimize travel with public transport and game schedule. In Gothenburg, it is possible to cycle instead of bus – here it is possible to rent a bike through Styr & Ställ.


  • We are actively working towards digitizing our services at Göteborg Basketball Festival to avoid creating printed matter that harms the environment during production and what else is relevant during the festival.

As an organization we want to be a stable and dynamic platform for all the people who volunteer to create some magical days of basketball during four days. We want to contribute to good development and ofcourse by setting some good examples. By doing so, we believe that we can create susatianble conditions for Göteborg Basketball Festival for future generations.